Top Drones under $500

Drones have revolutionized the way we look at and enjoy taking photos or filming motion over the years. Of course, as is the case with all technology eventually, drones have grown exponentially in popularity. With that popularity has come increased accessibility and affordability. These days, quality drones can be made available for as little at $500 or less. Below, we look at some of the best available ones within that price range, and how you can go about getting one for yourself.

Quality Drones Under $500

Different drones come with features that are suited to beginners and more experienced users alike. As such, in this section, we highlight drones for both types of users that cost less than US$500. We’ll start with the beginner options.

If you would like to get stated flying drones without breaking the bank, these budget-friendly options for beginners will help you get started.

1. Yunec Breeze (approximately US$450)

Weighing a very light 385 grams (less than a pound) makes the Yunec Breeze a very compact drone that still offer numerous features beginners can get into. For starters, this drone has a 4K camera with android and iOS software options and five different fight modes. Additionally, there is a newly added live stream feature at 720p image quality, and can be flow for approximately 12 minutes (before dying) at a maximum height of 262 feet (or 80 meters).

2. Uvify OOri (approximately US$349)

The Uvify OOri is a compact palm-sized drone that seamlessly combines ease of use and feature-packed capabilities. Whether being used indoors or in the demanding outdoors this drone is up to the task with maximum speeds of up to 50KM. All in all, the Uvify OOri is a fun flier that is perfect for anyone getting their hands on their first drone.

Drone users preferring a more intermediate machine for an affordable $500 or less, can consider the following options:

1. Yunec Matis Q (approximately US$499)

Only just announced (August 2019), the Yunec Matis Q is already being touted as a great follow-up drone to the Yunec Breeze beginner option. It comes complete with numerous self-piloting modes that users can make use of, a 4K camera, and obstacle avoidance sensors. This combination of features will help to ensure safe flying and easy navigation and direction, as well as allow for quality image capture.

2. Walkera F210 3D (approximately US$349)

The Walkera F210 3D is a great ‘out of the box’ option for fairly experienced drone users who want to use their drone in the racing world. The build is simple and sturdy, and the drone comes complete with simple but useful customizations and long-lasting features. Features include day and night vision camera options, the ability to adjust flight controller specifications, and agility to help maneuver the twists and turns of a race track.

How To Find Affordable Drones Under $500

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, getting your hands on one of the above drones under $500 is as easy as a simple web search. A web search will bring up a host of shopping sites – like Amazon or a manufacturers website – to choose from. Of course, you can simply follow the links we provide to access the options listed above.

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